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Rome Baptist      Church

A Redeemed People -

A Family In Christ

We are a family of followers of Jesus.

Together we seek know God, to build one another up in the faith,

and to express the love of God through service.

We believe the people of God are a dwelling place of God’s Spirit so that they may be a house of prayer for all people. We believe in the authority of scripture to train in knowing God and following the example of Jesus. We believe in the Spirit of God empowering His people for the work of God’s kingdom on earth.

We welcome you to join us in seeking God whether you are a committed follower of Christ or not yet sure of what you believe.




Hearing God:

Jesus instructed His disciples in how to hear God speak. We began a study on February 18th of the Gospel of Mark which focuses on Jesus' teaching on how to hear from God. This study is for anyone ages 20 to 45. Whether you are a seeker wondering if there is a God or a believer who desires guidance from God, we invite you to join us. 


Time: Sundays at 5 PM

For information on location email philip.taylor70@gmail.com.

18 Feb - TBD

Hearing God



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